This NSERC-CREATE program is for graduate students interested in the field of collaborative robotics and aims to train highly qualified personel for collaborative robotics in manufacturing.




Propose reserach projects to solve your robotics challenges and help train the next generation of robotics professionals through targeted internships in your company while collaborating with universities.


Latest news

15 Jun
Webinaire avec Dr Farah Alibay - JPL Dr. Farah Alibay - Ingénieure de systèmes Dr Farah Alibay est une ingénieure travaillant pour la NASA ...
26 May
Webinar with Pr. Julie A Shah - MIT Julie received her SB (2004) and SM (2006) from the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at ...
12 Mar
Webinar with Pr. Amy Loutfi - Örebro University - Sweden Welcome to the first of many Women in Robotic or «Robotique au féminin» events, featuring professor ...

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