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Do you need to develop specialized robotics solutions to solve manufacturing challenges or have an R&D collaborative robotics project in mind ? Here are a few reasons to consider a CoRoM project:



How it works: A graduate student works on the research project for two or three years, in the context of his or her master's or PhD program. The student is supervised by a professor and works in close collaboration with the industrial partner, including internships totalizing at least 20% of the duration of the program. Projects must include innovation or uncertainty to qualify as research projects.


CoRoM can help you create the academic-industry partnership that will lead to successful robotics innovation projects. Submit your research project through the Project submission form, or contact us to discuss your ideas. Companies, professors, or both if a partnership is established, can submit research projects.


Examples of CoRoM projects


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If your have gone through or plan to go through the integration of collaborative robotics technologies in your company, contact us to learn how students could perform an interdisciplinary analysis (industrial, ethical and business) of your case, within the scope of the Adoption of collaborative robotics technologies course.

How to submit a project


Lead: Professor or industrial partner


The project must have industrial potential or an industrial application, and can be initiated by either a professor or a company, or both if a partnership is established. The financial structure of the project is chosen by the partners (CRD, Mitacs, NSERC-Engage, etc.).

CoRoM can help you create the academic-industry partnership that will lead to a successful robotics innovation projects. If your project is still in the creation phase, lets us help! Just submit your idea by submitting the form below and we will make it happen!


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Lead : Professor or industrial partner


A short form is submitted to CoRoM for validation by the management committee. The project leader can ask the assistance of the management committee to find a partner for the project (academic or industrial). Download the project submission form.

Lead : Professor, with the help of CoRoM's management is needed


When a collaborative project is defined (academic and industrial partners are known), students can be directly recruited by the professor or the company. CoRoM's management also receives "independant" student applications that can be sent to professors.

Lead : Student


Students apply to CoRoM to obtain a scholarship. The application form must be accompanied by required documents.



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