CoRoM : Enabling technologies for collaborative robotics in manufacturing


CoRoM is an NSERC-CREATE training program that offers a collaborative robotics specialization to master and PhD students. Senior undergraduates can also complete research internships through the CoRoM program. The program is jointly offered by Université de Sherbrooke, ÉTS, and Université Laval.


Collaborative robotics ? By definition, collaborative robotics explores human-robot interaction and collaboration. CoRoM's scope is however extended to any technology, method or analysis that aims to improve performance or integration of robots, collaborative or not, in the context of an industrial application. Exemples of themes include: actuators, artificial intelligence, control, vision, sensors, robotic integration, robot design, etc.


CoRoM students are trained to integrate interdisciplinary knowledge in engineering (mechanical, electrical, informatics, industrial), business, and ethics in the realization and evaluation of collaborative robotics projects. They develop competencies that are sought for by a rapidly changing manufacturing industry, in the context of Industry 4.0.




  • Train multidisciplinary engineers in robotics;
  • Develop specific knowledge relevant to collaborative robotics, which includes topics in human-robot
    interaction and control, safety, manufacturing planning, contact dynamics;
  • Develop know-how in the design, integration and validation of complex robot-human systems;
  • Develop a broad comprehension about impacts of integration and adoption of robotics in industry
    (e.g., life cycle analysis, ethics, politics) for people, processes, and product;
  • Encourage the enrolment of women in robotics.

Program overview


Industrial research project


A concrete project based on an industrial challenge.


  • Projects come from new or existing partnerships between professors and Canadian companies
  • Companies or professors can submit a research project


Industrial internship


A hands-on experience that anchors the project in its industrial context.


  • Internship minimum duration is 20% of the CoRoM program
  • Paid internships
  • Encouraged combination with the Mitacs Accélération internship program


Collaborative robotics training


A training that offers interdisciplinary, theoritical, and hands-on learning in the various fields of collaborative robotics: mechanics, electronics, informatics, industrial, business, ethics, etc.


  • New course: Adoption of collaborative robotics technologies  (Adoption des technologies de robotique collaborative)
  • New course: Collaborative robotics (Robotique collaborative)
  • Choice of technical courses from the three universities
  • Summer forum : Advanced system design, creativity, and experimental robotics
  • Seminars from invited speakers chosen by students


Development of professional skills


Development of transversal skills sought for by employers.


  • Choice of professional skills development courses, short trainings and workshops (e.g. leadership, management, IP, creativity, etc.)


Project or collaboration idea ?

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