Samuel Faucher

Project: Collaborative robot tasked with sanding gypsum walls

In the context of prefabricated house with gypsum walls, the building step of sanding the left-over plaster used for covering screw holes and joints between the gypsum sheets (on the walls, the ceiling and the corners), is a laborious task. The objective of the project is to detect the areas to sand in a real environment (on a prefabricated building assembly line). It is the first step to automate the task with a mobile robot equipped with a collaborative arm. A second student will work on the implementation of the control for the robot.
The project is in collaboration with RCM (, a company that builds houses in their factory. The plan is to explore which sensor we need and an identification strategy this summer. Thereafter, we plan on making a proof of concept of a mobile base with the necessary sensors, a collaborative robot arm and the software to make it work smoothly. The last step will be to test it in the factory during a Mitacs internship schedule in summer 2022.



Fondée et dirigée par des spécialistes de la construction, Groupe RCM, qui portait d’abord le nom RCM Modulaire, est une référence dans son domaine. Nous concevons et fabriquons chaque type de bâtiment modulaire avec trois objectifs en tête : confort, durabilité et qualité supérieure.

Samuel Faucher
Samuel Faucher

Université de Sherbrooke



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