Jonathan Boutin

Project: Teleoperation of a mobile robotic manipulator by virtual reality for the maintenance and task learning

Currently, in the world of robotics, learning tasks for robots is mainly done through the teach and repeat paradigm. This approach mainly consists of programming the robot with a teach pendant or with “offline programming”, which means programming with an external computer. In both cases, this takes a considerable amount of time to teach tasks to a robot. With recent developments in virtual reality technologies, it is now possible to reproduce, in a virtual environment, the visual perception data of a robot. This would allow an operator to locate and control the robot with virtual reality joysticks, in a more intuitive and efficient way..


Thus, for this project, virtual reality will be used to control a collaborative robot on a mobile base in order to teach tasks by remote demonstration in an intuitive way. In addition, this will also make it possible to carry out maintenance (debugging, routine checks of mechanisms and means of collection, etc.) effectively.

Jonathan Boutin
Jonathan Boutin




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