Vincent Gagnon-Malo

Project: From craft to robot an innovation in industrial method

The evaluation of manufacturing is very complex, in the medical and industrial fields. The application of several theories on production capacity and the processes involved will be put into practice in this project in order to validate the hypotheses and assertions in previous studies.

Automation in the manufacturing field is gaining importance and many iterations of the concepts are done in theory and must be validated. The type of complex production in the artisanal workshop dedicated to the product in medium-sized companies must be supported by agile systems and integrating automated production cells in medium-sized companies that can support technologies to reach an industrial level 4.0. In addition, the evolution of technological applications is rapid, which leaves little time for their evaluation, installation and validation.

This involves and involves several business and vision considerations, however how to know which one is relevant at the right time according to the true needs of the company. The transition to a more efficient and competitive manufacturing industry using technology is very costly and involves a lot of risk and economic consideration. The effect of collaboration between technology and craftsmanship of high-tech fields involves close collaboration of craftsmen prime contractors, technicians in order to regain a capacity and a synergy allowing to evolve as a manufacturer and to be competitive while keeping a fair balance between the jobs of today and tomorrow.



Vincent Gagnon-Malo
Vincent Gagnon-Malo



Automated Manufacturing Engineering

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