Tristan Dumais

Project: Robot that Cleans Clothes Dryer Exhaust Duct

Inspecting and cleaning of the dryer exhaust pipe is a complicated task due to their small diameter, their tight and multiple elbows, their length and the vertical positioning of some joints. The use of brushes is inefficient for cleaning the pipe, hence the interest in using a mobile robot that would be able to navigate through the pipe. The robot must be simple and inexpensive, maintainable and operable by qualified technicians, and removable from the pipe without the need to damage the walls in the event of blockage or malfunction. A simple HMI must provide a real-time visualization of the robot’s operations, with cameras at the front and the back of the robot. Also, the robot must produce a detailed report of the condition of the pipe.



Tristan Dumais
Tristan Dumais

Université de Sherbrooke



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