Mathieu Gervais

Project: Development of a haptic operation simulator device powered by magnetorheological clutches

The goal of the project is to design a device that will be able to simulate medical operations in order to offer a simulator to doctors in training. The device is a miniature robotic arm that is able to reproduce the forces experienced by a doctor during an operation. The device must be inexpensive, robust and have good dynamic capabilities.


This is the first simulator using this type of actuator. MR clutches offer a very short response time, an important force for a low mass and are inexpensive to produce. All essential features for the proper functioning of a medical simulation device. The robotic arm will be powered by miniature clutchs designed and developed exclusively for this application. These are the smallest clutches developed by the company and in the smallest clutches in the world. In the end, MR technology has all the features for competing products already on the market, but the strength created by the MR device will be clearly higher.

Mathieu Gervais
Mathieu Gervais

Université de Sherbrooke


Mechanical engineering

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