Sébastien Palmieri

Project: High admittance mecanism for insertion tasks

Insertion tasks in the robotic industry are more common today, especially in collaborative robots. These insertions are often slow and require the movement of the entire robot to achieve the insertion and the movement of a gripper over small distances. This system will accelerate the insertion tasks and possibly be as fluid as a human would do it without a visual stimuli.


The goal of this research is to design the mechanism that will be able to insert rapidly and efficiently parts in an close fit assembly. This mechanism will require a high admittance, a control system that will receive external data like a force sensing controller or a position based controller, to reposition the gripper towards the hole true position. Many avenues of solutions will be studied, like ultrasonic motors or compliance based position.

Sébastien Palmieri
Sébastien Palmieri



Mechanical engineering

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