Jeff Denis

Project: Wearable Collaborative Robotic Tool

The main goal of the project Wearable Collaborative Robotic Tool (WCRT) is to design and control a wearable robotic arm. A supernumerary robotic arm can increase physical strength, do independent tasks near the human and help him with tasks requiring complex manipulations. This solution may be used in the aerospace industry to reduce muscular fatigue and injuries and to increase productivity for assembly workers of big structures (e.g. airplane fuselage). 


The three degree of freedom robotic arm developed is actuated by magnetorheological (MR) actuators which power is transmitted by way of hydrostatic lines. This innovative design allow for a very low inertia robotic arm with fast dynamical response, which is ideal for good human-robot interaction. 


Within the scope of this master’s project, we aim to improve the force control of the robotic arm. The goal is to improve the force performances (bandwidth and error) despite the compliance of the hydrostatic transmission. 

Jeff Denis
Jeff Denis

Université de Sherbrooke


Mechanical engineering

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