Zackary Stephenson

Project: Impedance drive for hybrid force-position control of a manipulator robot

Safety of use is one of the most important characteristics of collaborative manipulator robots. A lot of research in recent years is working to make these robots safer in different ways. Force control, although well known, is not easy to implement in a secure way. Indeed, most solutions for this type of control do not take into account a way to ensure the reliability of the force reading. The current project is to develop an impedance control algorithm for Kinova's Link6 robot to implement hybrid force-position control. The force reading is made using a sensor located in the robot's wrist. This control must therefore include the reconstruction of the force from another data source in order to validate the measurement of the force sensor and thus be able to react to a defect in the reading. This redundancy feature will ensure the level of security necessary to deploy this type of control on a commercial robot.



Zackary Stephenson
Zackary Stephenson




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