Ariane Asselin-Gonzalez

Project: Evaluation of the application of cable robots to monitoring processing stations.

The objective of the project is to evaluate the feasibility of applying the cable robot concept to monitoring Hydro-Québec's processing stations. The research will be conducted at two or three electrical processing stations that require automated monitoring. It will be necessary to determine the workspace that can be reached based on the payload to the cable robot effector and the load capabilities of the existing structure. In addition, we need to determine whether minimal modifications can be made to the existing structure to extend the workspace, such as adding a roller to an existing structure to redirect a cable and/or strengthen an existing structure to increase its load capacity in certain directions. The capability analysis of cable robots will require computer-aided design and dynamic simulation. Changes to the current structure will require the use of finite element analysis software.



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Ariane Asselin-Gonzalez
Ariane Asselin-Gonzalez

Université Laval


Mechanical engineering

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