Pierre Lhommeau

Project: Design and experimental characterization of a 3D metal printed miniaturized magnetorheological fluid clutch

When robots are likely to collaborate with humans, it is essential for them to be as transparent as possible to enhance human-robot interactions and reduce risks of injuries. Therefore, it is crucial to have even more responsive actuators. In those types of robots, often magnetorheological fluid (MRF)
clutches are used for their good bandwidth and low output inertia. It allows them to be fast and precise while reducing forces occurring during a possible impact.

Using 3D metal printing technologies opens new design possibilities that were not possible with common machining technologies. Indeed, this additive manufacturing technology allows us to control quite precisely where material needs to be, allowing us to reduce even more MRF clutches inertia while simplifying their assembly.

Pierre Lhommeau
Pierre Lhommeau

Université de Sherbrooke


Design of actuators and engines

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