Hamed Montazer

Project: Explainable Motion of Mobile Manipulators from Null Space

The manufacturing industry is in urgent need of safe and reliable robotic systems to redirect the
human workforce towards more creative and conceptual tasks. Based on a safe and reliable mobile
platform, a control architecture will be implemented from literature and then extended to help the
worker understand the robot. Safety measures such as avoidance and emergency stops are
mandatory but are not the most efficient way to cope with a shared space (robots and workers). If
the workers surrounding the robot can understand quickly the intention of the robot, without the
need to log on a dedicated electronic interface, the robot's deployment will be safer. Since mobile
manipulators have several degrees of freedom, i.e. the arm is not fully solicited while moving
between stations, this motion potential can serve to illustrate where they are heading.

Hamed Montazer
Hamed Montazer




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