Charles-Antoine Beaulieu

Project: Compact gripper for limited space

The use of robot grippers in industrial applications can be difficult when space becomes a limiting factor. Although many robot gripper models are commercially available, they usually require a significant amount of space around to object to grab to properly operate. This is largely due to the approach angle of the gripper being limited by its architecture and the geometry of the object. The goal of this research project is to design a compact and efficient gripper with the capacity to approach objects from various angles in an environment with limited space.


The project will begin by a review of potential technologies and a definition of the geometrical situations targeted. Then, a few promising concepts will be selected and investigated. Pros and cons of each candidate will be established. Finally, only one concept will be retained, and a prototype will be developed in order to lead an experimental evaluation.

Charles-Antoine Beaulieu
Charles-Antoine Beaulieu

Université Laval


Mechanical engineering

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