Guillaume Dupoiron

Project: Development of a movement library for specific tasks in long term care facilities

This research project originated during the last crisis. This crisis has shown many issues in several
countries, Quebec was no exception. One major issue was the lack of nursing staff in CHSLD. Nursing
staff had to take care about patients while carrying out all the measures against COVID. It is in this
context, that the company Sycodal asked many CHSLD workers what they needed in order to handle
the next crises better. It appears that nursing staff spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks instead
of taking care of patients. That is why Sycodal proposed a cobot to handle repetitive tasks, such as
disinfecting surfaces, opening curtains, or holding bags. The purpose of this research project is to
index all the movements the Cobot would be able to do in a library.

Guillaume Dupoiron
Guillaume Dupoiron




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